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350 West Bowery Street
Akron, OH, 44307
United States

(330) 252-9220


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V2 Updates to Bit Commander, Cloven Hoof, Hoof, Levitation, and Organizer

Aaron Rogers

10-4, space truckers!

We're puttin' the hammer down so you don't have to, because the Bit Commander, Cloven Hoof, Hoof, Levitation, and Organizer are now available with soft-touch switching!

While we're at it, we updated the Levitation with new artwork and new op-amps for lower noise, and we improved the Organizer's circuitry for better performance and lower noise, because hey, when you're hot, you're hot!

You can keep your feet on the ground and tappity-tap-tap away at these new and improved Devices at your local dealer starting January 19th, 2017!

And, if yer LA-bound and flyin', come visit us at the NAMM show! Booth 4296 in Hall C...

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Ghost Echo Vintage Voiced Reverb

Aaron Rogers

The Ghost Echo is our spooky take on the haunted* amp-top spring reverberation units of yesteryear. This creepy analog/digital spring reverb emulation machine boasts a terrifying 30ms – 150ms of pre-delay, controllable via the “Attack” knob, for everything from a quick rockabilly slapback, to viscous pools of ectoplasmic reverberations...

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Now Hiring! Shipping and Builder Positions Available!

Aaron Rogers

Do you have a passion for all things shipping? Have you ever wanted to come to work every day and build guitar pedals?

EarthQuaker Devices is now accepting resumes for shipping and builder positions. Some experience is preferred, but we will train the right candidate. These positions are part-time, and may require evening hours. We are located in downtown Akron, Ohio...

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Speaker Cranker Overdrive

Aaron Rogers

You want more? Turn up the “More” knob. That’s all there is to it. If you want “More,” you got it.  The Speaker Cranker’s “More” knob works just like a tube amp: lower on the dial you’ll find thinner, quieter tones. Crank it up, and you’ll hear your tone, only fuller and with a slight touch of compression. If you want a boost, buy a booster, because the Speaker Cranker is an overdrive, buddy, and don’t you forget it...

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