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350 West Bowery Street
Akron, OH, 44307
United States

+1 330 252-9220

Official website for EarthQuaker Devices. We build guitar effects by hand in the quaint landlocked city of Akron, Ohio.

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EQD on Record: June 2019

Uri Garcia

Many bands and solo artists that you love are using EarthQuaker Devices to get that vibe they can’t get anywhere else. Our Artist Medallion Program, or AMP as we like to call it around here, hosts a wide range of musical styles. Many of our artists also use EQD effects on their albums in addition to the stage.

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Board to Death Ep. 13: SQÜRL's Jim Jarmusch & Carter Logan

Aaron Rogers

In SQÜRL’s music, the twisted scraping of industrial wreckage (to my ears the byproduct of musician/filmmaker Jim Jarmusch’s northeast Ohio upbringing) gives way to uneasy drones seemingly stuck in time like crestfallen Lake Erie tides fighting a losing battle against subzero temperatures before resolving at last into saturated but sparkling reverberated arpeggios. It’s what The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly might have sounded like if Ennio Morricone booked studio time with Steve Albini and hired Sunn O))) as session musicians...

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Aaron's Bass Hole: Left of the Dial - 17 Top Tracks by EarthQuaker Artists

Aaron Rogers

Here's seventeen of my favorite tracks by EarthQuaker Devices artists, in no particular order. I tried to pick current tunes that are a good starting point for each artist, but sometimes old favorites die hard...

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