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350 West Bowery Street
Akron, OH, 44307
United States

(330) 252-9220

Official website for EarthQuaker Devices. We build guitar effects by hand in the quaint landlocked city of Akron, Ohio.

EarthQuaker Session: Noveller - "Deep Shelter"

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EarthQuaker Session: Noveller - "Deep Shelter"

Aaron Rogers

Since 2005, Noveller’s Sarah Lipstate has been using effects pedals to transform her guitar into synthesizers, string quartets, and instruments we don’t even have names for yet. In her live shows, she uses a looper to painstakingly reconstruct compositions built from layer upon layer of processed sounds, inducing a dreamlike musical fugue state that bridges the gap between raucous indie rock and minimalist classical music.

In this performance of “Deep Shelter” from the album A Pink Sunset for No One, Lipstate loops the opening phrase containing an Eventide H9 synth patch stacked with the Pitch Bay before adding rhythmic counterpoint from the Rainbow Machine set to a subtle chorus-y echo. During the coda, she steps on the Avalanche Run to provide ambient reverb and delay for a flurry of notes floating atop a somber piano loop. Lipstate’s “always on” reverb is the Levitation, which she places second-to-last in her effects chain, just before her loop pedal.

Noveller's A Pink Sunset for No One is available now.

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