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Official website for EarthQuaker Devices. We build guitar effects by hand in the quaint landlocked city of Akron, Ohio.





Miya Interview


This interview features MIYA from MUCC which just had their 20 year anniversary last year and yet still keep going strong. He’s been using our pedals for long time and he even claims that he came up with songs because of our pedals! I often hear this from people that “EQD pedals make me play” , “I got inspired by the pedals and came up with riffs because of it” He is no exception. And as you know, he has an accurate ears for the sound of effect pedals and I can tell that he has the knowledge of it.

By the way, he recently picked up 3rd Disaster Transport SR! You can check his activity here

EQD : How did you discover Earthquaker Devices?

Miya : I saw them at a rehearsal studio in Tokyo

EQD : What’s your first impression on them when you used it for the first time?

Miya : I was attracted by the names and the concept that each pedal has. And the look. It’s got that good old school thing and a tricky thing going at the same time. I thought this was a sound of the next generation.

EQD : Can you tell us what you actually use and why you like them? Name of the songs those pedals are used on and how you use them?

Miya : I can control the depth and distort the space with Disaster Transport SR. I used it on all the crunchy lead tracks on Myakuhaku. Organaizer puts out a steady organ sound even if I play rough and the voicing that cuts thru the mix. I used it on the overall ending part of Shin Homura Uta and Uso de Yugamu Shinzo. The reason why I love the Warden is that I can really tweak a detailed clean sound like an outboard studio compressor. I used it on all the clean and crunch parts of the albums Shin Tsuzetsu and Shin Homura Uta.

EQD : Can you tell us if you wrote a song while you were using the pedals?

Miya : I did came up with a song just because of Disaster Transport SR. It changed the concept of modulation delay. There is no other delay that you can move the stereo image like this.


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