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Official website for EarthQuaker Devices. We build guitar effects by hand in the quaint landlocked city of Akron, Ohio.

EQD Presents: 10 Artists Joe Tomino (Matisyahu) Thinks You Oughta Know

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EQD Presents: 10 Artists Joe Tomino (Matisyahu) Thinks You Oughta Know

Anna Blumenthal

This week we’re bringing you 10 songs from artists that the inimitable Joe Tomino, drummer for Matisyahu, Dub Trio, and Yellowstone Apocalypse thinks you should know! He also thinks you should listen to these jams through headphones. Who are we to argue?

 1. King Tubby - “King Tubby’s In Fine Style”

A pioneer/innovator in the style of dub (what would become the modern-day “remix”). Tubby’s HiFi and hand-crafted electronics made his sound the heaviest around.

2. Radian - “Pickup Pickout”

This Austrian trio fuses the line of electro-acoustic improvisation and composition perfectly.

3. Oval - “Reversioning”

Markus Popp’s interpretation (remix) of Christophe Charles’ location recordings of bells from around the world. Reconstructed audio at its finest.

4. Big Brave - “On The by and by and Thereon”

Heavy. Patient. Visceral.

5. Seefeel - “Meol”

Guitar drone bliss from these post-rock, shoegaze, ambient masters.

6. Scientist - "Bad Days Dub”

Early 80’s classic spring reverb, tape delay and mixing board dubwise from Hopeton Brown(a.k.a Scientist)

7. Autechre - “feed1”

Mind altering digital audio mayhem with a beat you can almost dance to.

8. Stars of the Lid - “A Meaningful Moment Though a Meaning(less) Process”


9. Jeremiah Cymerman- “Sky Burial”

Amplified quartet for two trumpets, saxophone, and clarinet. Hyper cut-up, extended technique, and dynamic ear candy.

10. Ryoji Ikeda - "Data.Matrix”

Sound art generated from raw computer data and assembled in a full-on frequency assault.

Seek out the visuals that go along with his audio: