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Official website for EarthQuaker Devices. We build guitar effects by hand in the quaint landlocked city of Akron, Ohio.

Playlist: Dave Catching Gives Us 20 Songs That Have Influenced His Playing in Eagles of Death Metal

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Playlist: Dave Catching Gives Us 20 Songs That Have Influenced His Playing in Eagles of Death Metal

Anna Blumenthal

Dave Catching, Eagles of Death Metal and earthlings? guitarist and the owner of Rancho De La Luna studio picks 20 songs that’ve influenced him. Dave is probably the first person to use the phrase “sexiest Memphis pastor alive”, and that is just one of the many reasons he is the coolest.

“Rip It Up,” Little Richard

The original rock n roll animal. Doesn't get any cooler.

“Baby’s On Fire,” Brian Eno

Eno is my favorite. Heaviest solo ever by Robert Fripp.

“Fairies Wear Boots,” Black Sabbath

None heavier, or better at heavy. 

“Deuce,” Kiss

This started my rock n roll life. The first song my brother Jack taught me on guitar.

“The Witch,” The Sonics

Garage rock at its finest. One of rock n roll’s greatest voices.

“Girls Got Rhythm,” AC/DC

Best rhythm guitarist in rock n roll. Starts a night off right.

“Sha La La,” Al Green

Sexiest Memphis pastor alive. Sounds as fresh today as when it was released.

“Red Hot Momma,” Funkadelic

Funk at its finest. Eddie Hazel's searing solo seals the deal.

“Give Up The Funk,” Parliament

Starts the night off right. George Clinton is the national treasure!

“Love Is The Drug,” Roxy Music

Dance floor love affair. The story of a million 70's nights.

“More Bounce To The Ounce,” Zapp

Ass shaker supreme. A fuck song if there ever was one.

“Rosalyn,” The Pretty Things

So good Bowie covered it. These dangerous rockers nailed a flat-out love plea.

“Rebel Rebel,” David Bowie

A song every rocker can relate to. We're all rebels!

“Erotic City,” Prince

Wanna fuck on the dance floor? Or anywhere? Put this on.

“Public Image,” Public Image Ltd.

Best 2:58 you'll ever hear. Perfect pop song with heavy edge.

“Beat On The Brat,” The Ramones

Ramones, Ramones, Ramones, NYC!!!

“New Rose,” The Damned

First punk single. Still the greatest.

“Parachute Woman,” The Rolling Stones

Channeling America and giving it dirty ass roots.

“(I’m Your) Hootchie Cootchie Man,” Muddy Waters

Tellin’ it like it is. Muddy is indeed the hootchie cootchie man. 

“Get Ur Freak On,” Missy Elliott

Dance floor gold. Gets you going every time.