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Official website for EarthQuaker Devices. We build guitar effects by hand in the quaint landlocked city of Akron, Ohio.

Stop, NAMM'er Time - NAMM Survival Tips from the EQD Staff

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Stop, NAMM'er Time - NAMM Survival Tips from the EQD Staff

Aaron Rogers

With the Winter 2017 NAMM show quickly approaching, I thought it'd be fun to conduct an office poll and collect a few of the EarthQuaker Devices NAMM staff's top tips for a successful show! With so much to see and do, and only four days to do it, NAMM can be overwhelming, so chill out and get your mind right with our NAMM Survival Guide!

Oh, and do come visit us at Booth 4296 in Hall C, will you?

Anna Blumenthal, Sales & Artist Relations

Anna Blumenthal with Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick

Anna Blumenthal with Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick

  1. Buy the most comfortable shoes you can find, paying no attention to how ugly they are.

  2. They sell alcohol at NAMM for a reason – take advantage of those beer and wine vendors as often as possible.

  3. Don’t discount the healing power of a candy bar toward the end of the day.

  4. In order to not appear like the crazed fan you are, try to remember how to speak in words and not just emit guttural sounds when you meet Rick Nielsen. (Maybe that one just applies to me).

Lisa Bella Donna, Demonstrator

Photo: Meghan Ralston

Photo: Meghan Ralston

  1. Ben Vehorn.

  2. Rip at night. Sleep well.

  3. Rise early to Rage

  4. Chris Koltay - coffee, laughter, wizardry.

  5. Keyboards, Synthesizers, guitars and a sprawling epic EQD rig beneath my fresh manicured claws....No better place in the world to be in mid January. (Still hot for a dry ice smoke machine tho....eventually♡).

  6. Every single EQD staff member at the booth...If you're ever feeling anything less that fan-fucking-tastic as the day gets more epic, within a few seconds of a smile, talking, nerding out, high fives, a snack, hugs, or throwing shapes of eminent evil with ANY or ALL of these wonderful and talented and sexy humans, you'll be right as rain again. Ready to stay focused, creative, and inspired to shape NAMM as you wish.

  7. We're all there for the same reason. For me it's the celebration of the elevation of this beautiful team and Stillman's brilliant muse in motion...

  8. Earthquaker Devices inspire and instigate ART, MUSIC, and SOUND.

This is not flattery, this is wizard throne truth.
Truth from the starlit astral castles of frequency modulation...

Love each of you lovelies
Bring it NAMM 2017!

Karl Vorndran, Sales Manager

Karl in his work uniform...

Karl in his work uniform...

  1. Ear plugs. Most of the time, whatever is going on, you don’t want to hear it.

  2. Don’t skip meals. Long days get twice as bad when you are hangry.

  3. After parties. NAMM is exhausting but the real good times are all of the surrounding events. Plus, you never know who you will run into.

  4. Utilize the hot tub. If you have access to one (most hotels have them) use it! You would be surprised how well a dip in the human stew after a long day can energize you to go do it again the next day.

Cory Juba, Operations Manager

Cory Juba sportin' a Warr Guitar

Cory Juba sportin' a Warr Guitar

  1. Sleep. Absolutely imperative. NAMM is demanding and unbelievably taxing from the moment the doors open until way after they close. Represent your team well by being fully rested, alert, and ready to rock.

  2. Food and water. You’re gonna need fuel. Definitely don’t want to start the day on a half tank.

  3. Deep pockets. These handy sacks can stash your wildcard items such as snacks & candies, business cards, ear plugs, guitar picks, etc.

  4. Mindfulness. Be present and give people your undivided attention on the floor.

  5. Enjoy the show! You’ve got the best musicians and makers in the business all under one roof.

Brad Thorla, Senior Circuit Builder / Show Rep

Photo: McKenzie Beynon

Photo: McKenzie Beynon

Spend as little time as possible in the clamorous rancor of the percussion hall (Hall D) and if you feel like going on a walkabout, head to the quiet, chilled out vibes of the laser light show auditorium ("Venue Exhibits" room next to Hall A). Also, always expect the pizza will taste worse than you expect. Then maybe it will be only slightly disappointing.

Marc Lee Shannon, Business Development

  1. Good shoes. A change at dinner is a welcome relief if you can fit it in. Gel soles. Yes.

  2. Plenty of business cards. When you get one in exchange write something on the back that helps you remind yourself something about the person for later reference.

  3. Try to get some sleep earlier in the show and save the sleepless party nights for later in the week. I had a buddy that went the other way on this one every year and had the same predictable results. He was cryin'…

  4. When speaking to someone on the floor, try to avoid looking over their shoulder at someone trying to get your attention. It always makes that person feel minimized. Every damn time.

  5. When customers come to your booth, look them in their eyes and really listen. It makes a difference that will not go unnoticed.

  6. Have a phone charger.

  7. Drink Water! A lot. Dehydration is fatigue.

  8. Enjoy the incredible music and musicians that surround this show. Really this is one of the things that I love the best.

  9. Have fun. This is a really cool once a year chance to meet and make friends. Mine are still growing in the years I have been attending.

Aaron Rogers, Marketing / Public Relations

Photo: Sean Djuricic

Photo: Sean Djuricic

  1. Protect your voice! It's loud in there, and if you're prone to vocal blow-outs, communication will be that much harder. Drink plenty of water, and don't forget "Throat Coat" tea, lemon, and honey! I also highly recommend MatTea Vocal Luxury elixir.

  2. Protect your hearing! Whether you're designing pedals, building instruments, playing gigs, or mixing a record, your ears pay the bills in this business. Bring earplugs.

  3. Take a break. You'll go crazy cooped up in the same booth all day. Take a seat. Go for a walk. Step outside. Stepping away from the show floor for a few minutes allows you to rest your voice and hearing, and clear your mind so you come back to the show refreshed and on point.

  4. Make a plan. Winter NAMM comes only once a year, so it's best to build a schedule of the booths and/or demonstrators you'd like to see. And schedule those important meetings early!

  5. Wear comfy shoes. Just do it.

Joe Golden, Circuit Builder / Amp Designer / Blogger

  1. Shoes

  2. Breath mints. Halitosis: the struggle is real

  3. Water

  4. Good attitude

  5. Pen/paper

  6. Phone charger

What are your NAMM survival tips, oh faithful readers? Leave a comment and let us know!