Q: What are EarthQuaker Devices?
Extra Special Effect Pedals.

Q: Where is your shop?
In Akron, in the corner of an old glass factory. We are not open to the public, if that’s what you are getting at.

Q: How do you make these devices?
By hand, one at a time.

Q: Is it difficult?
Yes, sometimes it is.

Q: Is it awesome to work at EarthQuaker Devices LLC?
Actually, yes it is. We are a wonderful company to work for. We love our employees with our whole hearts. We even provide comprehensive benefits, despite supposedly having no good reason to. Medical, dental, vision, STD and LTD, life insurance, paid vacation, all the Bent Tree coffee you can drink, hot dog machine, free parking, you name it. If you work for us, all of this is yours.

Q: Can I get a job at EarthQuaker Devices?
We are not hiring at this time.

Q: Where is my order?
- Getting built by hand, one at a time
- In the mail
- At customs

Q: Where do you get all your ideas?
- Endless hours at a bread board
- Night visions
- Weird shit our kids say

Q: Do you want my idea?
- No, Sorry!

Q: How did you start doing all this?
Taking apart toasters at the age of 3.

Q: Can I have some free pedals?
I don’t know / Probably not.

Q: Would you officially endorse my band?
I don’t think so, we don’t like playing favorites.

Q: Any new pedals coming out?
Yes, we have 3 years of new pedals in various stages of completion. But they are still a secret.

Q: So which one is a Tube Screamer?
The Palisades is the big one and the Dunes is the little one.

Q: Can you build me a custom pedal?
Yes, for $100,000. It will ship in 6 years.